Server management when you need it

Maybe you’ve outgrown a typical shared web hosting provider. Maybe you want more control over your internet services. So you want, or already have, a virtual private server (also sometimes known as a virtual machine or a cloud server) or a dedicated server and realize that support is limited or non-existent. You can’t reasonably justify hiring a sysadmin for small tasks. This is where we come in. We can help you with issues as they arise or install applications that you require as needed. We can help you get systems and scripts in place to automate day to day tasks, harden (secure) your system, and get a backup solution in place in the event that the unthinkable ever happens.

Here are just some of the system administration services that we offer

  • Web Application installations
  • Service installation and configuration
  • Server hardening and firewall configuration
  • Service and application troubleshooting
  • Backup strategy and set-up

Some of the more popular operating systems, applications, and control panels that we support

Operating Systems

  • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Cloud Linux, CentOS, SuSE, Gentoo
  • BSD: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD

System Services

  • Web servers: Apache, NGINX, LiteSpeed
  • Email (SMTP) servers: Exim, Postfix, Sendmail, qmail
  • Email (IMAP/POP3) servers: Courier IMAP, Dovecot, Cyrus IMAP
  • Database servers: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • FTP servers: Pure-FTPd, ProFTPD, vsftpd

Control Panels

  • cPanel
  • DirectAdmin
  • Plesk

Web Applications (CMS)

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

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