WHM has detected a manual hostname change.

If you received an email that contained the following:

The system detected an invalid hostname configuration on: XXXXXXXXX

The main IP address of your cPanel & WHM server is “XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX”. The hostname does not resolve to this IP address. This misconfiguration can cause some services on your server to fail to restart properly. The cause of your misconfiguration is:

WHM has detected a manual hostname change.

First make sure the DNS for this hostname is set up and working properly (you can verify with nslookup or similar tool). If the DNS is fine then the fix is to check the current hostname and make sure it matches what cPanel has set:

grep HOST /etc/wwwacct.conf

If the hostnames do NOT match then update /etc/wwwacct.conf and run:


If the hostnames do match then disregard the notice. It’s a false alarm that may have been caused by an intermittent issue with your domain name servers or resolving name servers.

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